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Onboarding Facebook

Let's get you set up!

In order to run ads, you need a business Facebook page and 
it must be connected to someone's personal Facebook page.
The business page automatically comes with a business manager area 
where we can run your ads for you as your partner.

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Not quite sure how to set this up? No problem!
Just create your Facebook Business page and then
enter the details in the short form below. 

Scroll down for directions on how to create the page
OR we can do it with you.
Call customer service at 207-544-4480 to make an appointment
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Facebook Access

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    Following are step-by-step instructions to get you set up for Facebook ads.  

    How to Create Your 
    Business Facebook Page

    Log into your personal Facebook account. Look at the left side menu and click on “Pages”
    Facebook will show you a list of your pages. 

    Click on “Create New Page”.

    Add the name of your business, your niche and a brief description.

    Once your business page is created, highlight the url and copy it (Ctrl c) and paste it in the form above along with the page name.

    Keep going, you're doing great!
    Now you need to create an account in your business manager.
    Click here or go to

    Now we need to create an ad account so we can run ads. 
    Click on the gear symbol in the lower left side of the screen.
    It will take you to "Business Settings"

    When you get to the next screen, click on Business Info.

    It will look something like this. Click "Edit" and fill in the details.

    Once you've done this, it's a good idea to turn on two factor authenticaation which helps prevent bad guys from hacking your account. Switch the option to Everyone. Then click the word "Security" at the bottom of the page and choose a sign in option.

    You're doing it! Just a little more...
    Now let's connect your new Business Page to your Business Manager.

    Click on Add button drop down and Choose, "Add a Page"

    Now simply put in the page name you made, probably your company name. 

    Select your page and click add.
    Good Job! 90% complete now!
    Now click on Ad Accounts

    Click on Add and choose Add an ad account.

    You'll see the following popup.

    Facebook automatically created one for you, but it doesn't show here. 
    That would be too easy!
    In another tab go to your FB Business Page Home 
    and Click on the left menu Ads Manager.

    Your Ad Account Id will be in the url in the address bar 
    and by your page name in parenthesis.

    Copy your Ad Account Id and paste it in the other tab
    and click Add ad account. 

    One FINAL STEP! Whew! We need to add a payment method
    to your ad account to pay for your ads. So click on Payment Method.

    Click on the Add button and choose Add a new payment method.
    Then say your the Finance editor. 

    Now you'll click on next to put in the payment details.

    Remember to save after you put in your payment details.


    You Did It!

    Before you leave, make sure you submit the form above. We'll request access to your account using the supplied info and you'll receive an email to approve the request. As soon as you approve it, we're set up as a partner! Hurray! Then we'll get everything ready to publish your ad campaigns. 

    Talk with you soon, 
    DMS Team